I have been writing on-and-off on here since 2007 but have now decided to relaunch.  All the previous posts have been moved into an archive.  If you want to find it, I can tell you where it is, but I’m not going to advertise it.  They have only been preserved for posterity because some of the writing is ok.

Starting today, I am going to try and start capturing some of the random, and not-so-random, thoughts I have about God, Jesus and our response to them.  I am studying at International Christian College in Glasgow and have discovered a love of in-depth and rigorous theological, missiological and scriptural academia.  There’s no chance I can pretend to have got on top of it all yet, that would be a lifetime ambition, but I’m starting to find some clarity.  I began college looking to nail down my theology…I’m getting there.

Long-term, I (we) can sense God’s calling into service overseas.  I’m particularly interested about releasing indigenous church leaders and teachers into ministry among their own people, equipping them for the theological, missiological and practical challenges that brings.  In the meantime, I am going to try and get myself as well-educated as I can be – currently pondering what the next steps in that journey might look like, depending on what He is calling me (and my family) to.

I am a husband and father, seeking to serve and love my family to the best that I can with God’s help.

We are members of Niddrie Community Church, a small church with a big vision on one of the roughest housing schemes in Scotland.  Our church has launched a new ministry called 20Schemes, seeking to plant or revitalise evangelical witness among other schemes in Scotland.

All views expressed in this blog are mine.


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