Acoustic Guitar For Sale

As our departure for Malawi is imminent, we only have a few things left to sell. One of these is my fantastic Freshman FA350GA electro-acoustic guitar. It is a ‘grand auditorium’ style guitar, which sounds amazing both plugged and unplugged. The electronics are Fishman, as can be seen in the pictures.

It’s in great condition, with just a few wee nicks from the huge amount of use it has had in the last 9.5 years (mainly in church on Sunday mornings). The hard case is showing many signs of wear on the outside, but nothing wrong with it on the inside.

I’m looking for £350 for a guitar that cost nearly £600 new. Due to you-know-what, it would be better if someone in Edinburgh was the buyer, but I’m happy to listen to suggestions for how we could do this if you don’t.

Please get in touch if you’re interested, either by email (if you have it) or by leaving a comment.

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