Theology and Hermeneutics

The following titles are currently available for sale in the category of Theology and Hermeneutics. This category is broadly more academic in tone, and includes areas such as hermeneutics, systematic theology, biblical theology, contextual theology, ecclesiology, and missions. More information on editions etc. can be provided if necessary.

Please refer back to the main post for further information on the format of these listings.

Christopher Ash
Marriage: Sex in the Service of God                 
Like New
£11.00 (£13.30)

Richard Bauckham
The Bible in Politics  
Westminster John Knox Press 
Very Good
£9.00 (£10.38)

Stephan Bauman
Seeking Refuge          
Moody Publishers   
Like New
£4.50 (£5.16)

Louis Berkhof
Systematic Theology  
The Banner of Truth Trust 
£23.00 (£26.65)

Art Gish
Living In Christian Community: A Personal Manifesto                   
Albatross Books  
£6.50 (£7.73)

Edward Hickman (Ed.)
The Works of Jonathan Edwards Volume 1
The Banner of Truth Trust  
Very Good
£23.00 (£25.80)

Edward Hickman (Ed.)
The Works of Jonathan Edwards Volume 2
The Banner of Truth Trust      
Very Good
£25.00 (£27.30)

Donald McKim (Ed.)
Calvin’s Institutes (Abridged Edition)    
Westminster John Knox Press   
Like New
£12.00 (£13.49)

Jurgen Moltmann
The Crucified God (SCM Classics)
SCM Press 
Like New
£13.00 (£14.80)

Tom Sine
The Mustard Seed Conspiracy
Christian Research          
£4.00 (£4.80)

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