Biblical Studies

The following titles are currently available for sale in the category of Biblical Studies. More information on editions etc. can be provided if necessary.

Please refer back to the main post for further information on the format of these listings.

Alice Bach (Ed.)
Women in the Hebrew Bible
Taylor & Francis Group
£20.00 (£23.29)

Graham Beynon
Experiencing the Spirit: New Testament Essentials for Every Christian
Inter-Varsity Press
Like New
£2.50 (£2.80)

William Mounce
Interlinear for the Rest of Us: The Reverse Interlinear for New Testament Word Studies
Very Good
£43.00 (£ 47.30)

Arthur Peake
The Problem of Suffering in the Old Testament
Creative Media Partners, LLC
Like New
£9.00 (£10.75)

James B. Pritchard (Ed.)
The Times Atlas of the Bible
£20.00 (£25.30)

John Stott
Men with a Message
Lion Hudson PLC
Very Good
£7.00 (£8.29)

Derek Tidball
An Illustrated Survey of the Bible
Scripture Union Publishing
Very Good
£5.00 (£5.59)

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